On March 12, 2021

Chef’s Focus

We often get asked when showing prospective residents around our care home how we keep our food interesting to the ladies in our care home.

What better way to find out than ask our in house Head Chef Declan White. We know we are in good hands when your chef was previously a Head Chef in the army with fine dining and large buffets as part of his resume.

Why did you choose the care industry?

I strongly feel that residents in care homes deserve the highest quality of meals and food service. I’m really lucky that the management team at Greensleeves have given me the freedom and support to be able to push the boundaries of offering our residents a varied culinary experience with high quality food and service.

What is the main challenge in catering in a care home for residences with dementia?

One of the highlights in the residences day is when they come together to eat, our residence are no different. The dinning experience needs to be varied and interesting to help keep them engaged.

Having the freedom to be as creative as I would like has been able to really satisfy my interest in being able to present the food in a way that makes it look far more attractive on the plate and interesting to eat, I truly believe that we eat not just with our taste but also our other senses, and being able to present food in such a lovely way has had such a positive affect for our residents.

Can you share with us any great experiences or moments?

As a chef you always want to continual improve, not only your food presentation but also the complete dinning experience. We have a full restaurant everyday!

One of our greatest achievements so far is the transformation of the dining room by refurbishing it to a high standard and also putting in a self-service area for the residents to be far more involved in their meals and using all their senses as they enter in the room, providing a fantastic experience for our residents.