On November 17, 2020


The health, safety, and wellbeing of our residents and staff are always our top priority and we are continuing with our robust and comprehensive contingency plans to respond to Coronavirus. Our plans are kept under regular review and are updated as and when advised by the public health authorities.

New admissions

We are welcoming new residents so please give us a call if you are looking for care or need any further help. We want to assure you that when we are admitting new residents we have clear protocols in place to ensure that it is appropriate for them to move in. We are also ensuring that any new residents coming into our home, whether from a local hospital or the community, have been tested in advance. You can relax knowing that we are working hard to keep our residents safe at all times, no matter what happens.

Visiting and staying in contact with family

We are doing everything possible to enable our residents to stay in contact with family and friends whilst following current government guidelines. This is at the forefront of our thinking, as we know how important it is to you and your loved ones. To enable visiting to continue through the winter we have a new visiting suite with separate access for residents and visitors with a physical transparent divide, this prevents any physical contact and potential spread of the virus.

It remains that visitors are not permitted inside our home, apart from in some exceptional circumstances, as our priority is to maintain necessary infection control measures during this time. Those exceptional circumstances are for helping a new resident settle in as we understand that for some moving can be an upheaval, for being with a loved one in the last days of life, and also for those residents, who due to immobility, are unable to use the visiting suit.

We may find it necessary to postpone visits or even suspend visits entirely should we feel necessary for the safety of all. We are also following local lockdown guidance, which unfortunately may result in visits being cancelled at short notice. 

It is important to note that we continue to ensure that vital medical visits are made. All visitors must follow our meet & greet protocol which includes washing hands on arrival, ensuring that no symptoms or exposure to Coronavirus have been experienced and we insist on taking a temperature before entry is permitted.

We are set up for video calling to enable you to keep in touch more regularly and our staff are doing all they can to ensure that life in our services remains as comfortable and sociable as possible. We have recently launched a new inactive using Facebook portal so that any resident can more easily stay in contact with their families in the privacy of their own rooms.

Guidance for visiting

If you are visiting the home it is important that you do so safely and in a way that minimises the risk of infection to our residents, patients and staff. Therefore, before visiting and whilst on site, please follow this simple guidance:

If you are displaying symptoms please do not visit
Hand washing – It is important that you wash your hands thoroughly before you visit the care home, and on arrival as well as regularly during your visit. Please make sure you wash your hands for a minimum or 20 seconds, using either hot water and soap or 60% alcohol sanitiser gel. The NHS has a video guide to effective handwashing, which you can see here
We will also ask to take your temperature. For some visits indoors when appropriate we may provide you with personal protection equipment (PPE) that must be worn at all times. In addition, a staff member may escort you to the relevant area and back again

Protecting our residents and staff

Many of you have asked us what our approach is to ensuring that our staff and residents are kept safe and well and we wanted to address some of the things that we are doing.

We quickly adopted weekly testing of staff as we believe this is the best way to keep our residents and staff as safe as possible. We have been also been testing our residents every 28 days. 

Our staff are all trained in infection control and are vigilant to the symptoms of COVID-19.  We have clear processes to follow is a resident, patient or member of staff show such symptoms including isolation wherever necessary in line with government advice.
Should your loved one display symptoms or test positive to Coronavirus, we would call and discuss the situation with you personally.

Our staff

Many of you have thanked our amazing staff who are working tirelessly to ensure you and your loved ones are kept safe.  Thank you so much for doing this, it means such a lot to them and we are ensuring that these comments, whether on social media, through our webinars or to management, are fed back. We are proud to say that we are surrounded by a professional, skilled, dedicated, and compassionate team who are willing to put the care of our residents and patients first. We have been truly humbled by seeing everyone work together using their expertise, and positive attitude to do the right thing. If you have had a great experience please do leave a review on carehome.co.uk or Google, you can also email us at info@greensleevescarehome.co.uk, we share all of your lovely comments with our team members.

Human kindness has never been so important, and our spirits have been lifted by hearing and seeing the hard work and professionalism that is happening every day.  Thank you so much for all your kind words, it means a lot to all of us, and please be assured this gets shared with our great team.

Personal Protective Equipment

Please be assured that, we continue to have a robust supply chain of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) in place, and our staff are using this in accordance with the public health authority guidance. All of our staff will now be wearing face masks as a minimum and we remain confident in our supplies of this and all of our services have what they need.