Dementia Care Services in West Sussex

We are specialist providers of female only Dementia care services in West Sussex and have built up a stellar reputation for our car home by offering an exceptional standard of care to all of our residents. Our staff abide by a strict code of content and philosophy of care, meaning that all of our residents will be treated with the utmost care and dignity, whilst encouraging independence and choice. All our staff are fully qualified in Care and take the rights and privacy of our residents incredibly seriously. We have been providing care for many years and work closely with the NHS to ensure that we always provide the latest and best standard of care, from the maintenance of our care home to ensuring that our residents are well looked after. Each resident here at Greensleeves Care Home is unique and always treated as an individual, therefore we will always provide a service with emphases being placed on our residents being themselves.

Our accommodation design is made up of single rooms and with en-suite facilities. We welcome all requests for residents to have their own phone installed at their own cost and our home phone can be made available. Our staff always knock before entering a resident's room and special care is taken to ensure that our residents get to spend their private time as they choose, without any unnecessary interruption. Our residents are also given the opportunity to use their own room to entertain friends or relatives at any time, or just to have a quiet sleep if needed.
We make every effort to protect the dignity of our clients, regardless of their illness or circumstances. Our staff operate with great discretion and promptness, as well as tact to help maintain the dignity of a resident, regardless of the situation. We understand that every individual has their own needs, so we tailor our services around them.
Residents are always encouraged to be as independent as possible. We support all our clients and encourage them to make their own decisions and personal choices in their care. We would rather focus on the ability, rather than the disability of our residents, so we can help recognise the capacity of an individual and the level of care that they receive. We often encourage our residents to do as much as possible for themselves, in their own time, as this approach benefits the client's overall welfare.
We encourage all our residents to make their own choices, although we always provide support and assistance, as well as encourage relatives and friends to help as well. We take great care with our dementia sufferers to promote their best interests in all aspects of their care, with special attention paid to the choices that a resident makes. From simple things like what time to go to bed, what drink to have, through to choosing what to wear, we always encourage a resident to decide for themselves as we find that this improves the standard of welfare.

We understand that all our clients have their own personalities and needs. Every one of our residents are subject to an individual assessment and are encouraged always to use their physical and mental abilities to the full. Our activities co-ordinator tailors all activities to suit both the individual and group, meaning that nobody will feel left out. Residents are encouraged to continue with any hobbies that they may have, as well as gain new interests. This is a crucial part of sustaining and promoting self-esteem, self-worth, and independence.

Every client has the right to a life that maintains a personal independence, safeguards their privacy and dignity, and offers genuine and informed choice. We ensure all residents can enjoy and contribute to the home as fully as possible, meeting all their social, cultural, and religious needs.

All our staff ensure that respect is always given to each one of our residents. We respect all our clients' personal needs and information, as well as emotional and physical status. We encourage all our residents to speak with a member of our staff if they need to and will always ensure that their conversation is kept private.
The philosophy of our care practice is to ensure the highest possible standard of care. This includes all dietary requirements, warmth, and comfort as well as the level of care each resident receives. To discuss any of our dementia care services in Crawley, West Sussex, or to speak to our team about the standard of care given, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help.

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