Entertainment at Greensleeves Care Home

At Greensleeves we believe that Entertainment is key to a wonderful experience and a joyful stay at our home. We offer a number of activities on a daily basis so that our residents, the people we support, get the right level of social engagement and stimulation during their stay. The activities help individuals self-develop and build themselves even at the later stages of their life’s. Greensleeves is all about creating a community feel around the home, something which can be done through ensuring many parties can participate in the activities we offer, for example we offer specific events where both the residents and their families take part together.

As well as a reoccurring schedule of events, we often also tend to support more specific activities of a more spontaneous nature such as birthday parties. We see these activities as a necessity in order to keep our residents satisfied with their stay here at Greensleeves. As well as the activities we already offer, we constantly look to introduce new activities to our schedule for a fresh form of entertainment. We believe that constant interaction between our residents and the staff encourages bonding and gives the home more of a community-based atmosphere.


Animal Magic


An activity to keep our residents at one with nature and wildlife



An activity to keep our residents at one with nature and wildlife

School Visit to care home


A great chance for cross generational bonding and a positive way to share wisdom with the youth of tomorrow!

Theatre visit to care home


A full of energy display and performance of some really fantastic shows such as Aladdin and the wizard of oz.

Musical Movement


An activity to embrace music and the musical interests of our residents. This activity is perfect for self-expression through music.

Personalised Activities


Specific activities are often based on a 1 to 1 basis and are tailored to the preference of the resident.

Reminisence days


A fantastic opportunity to be able to relive some past experiences using all senses, these can include going on holiday to the beach, gardening etc.

Quarterly Events


A range of quarterly events designed to bring together the residents and their families as well as members of the community.

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