On July 21, 2020

Namaste (pronounced Na-mass-tay) Care

Namaste Care changes the focus and structure of care given to Greensleeve residents at the later stages of their dementia. 

The manner of care is described as ‘holistic’ because it is incorporated into all aspects of daily life and involves a range of physical, sensory and emotional approaches.

Our approach is to support residents with advanced dementia in many activities, for example managing pain, making sure they are getting enough to eat and drink and the use of music to manage anxiety and stress.

Reported benefits

Using the Namaste approach has produced reports of ‘small miracles’ in some of the care homes where it has been trialed. This now very well established methodology has a proven track record.

These include residents who had become non-verbal beginning to speak, visible signs of anxiety disappearing and residents laughing at bubbles blown around them. This was a significant change from people being isolated in rooms or being left in front of the television.

There is evidence that Namaste Care improves quality of life not only for residents but families and care home staff; some care home staff have reported that using the programme has helped them to feel more empowered and satisfied with their job.

This short video helps to explain more depth the approach taken.